Monday, 15 February 2016



I am slowly putting together my wish list for spring/summer, which will on the blog very soon, I think this t-shirt will definitely be on it. I would also like a new cross body bag, a black one, but this Leopard one is appealing more to me than a plain black one at the moment. As a dog owner I am not hugely into things with pictures of dogs on, but with my love of Emma Bridgewater and black labs then this mug must be the most tasteful thing I have seen and I still haven't got this book.

Shop more of the things I am coveting below.



  1. The earrings!!! An obsession is born. No work will be done today until I track done a more budget friendly pair.

  2. If you have the chance to borrow the book rather than buy it to start with as to be honest myself and several of my friends where dissappointed with it. I checked it out in my local bookshop and glad i did as it allowed me to decide that it wasnt as good as i had hoped. Mind everyone is different and i am sure some people love it.

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