Tuesday, 1 March 2016


I blogged about the top I am wearing above at the beginning of February (here) which I happily snapped up from Mango and I have since seen it on many of my favourite French girls on Instagram. I can finally wear mine now, as I finally received the size 10 (wow their exchanges take some time ...... but it was worth the wait) I went online to get the link for you for this post and then realised it has now sold out, I am not surprised as it seems to be an Instagram hit. However, whilst looking for it I found a few Isabel Marant look-a-like tops that I just have to share with you before these sell out!!! 

I also like this one and this, oh and this one too.



  1. I think Mango are going to be seeing a lot of my pennies this season Annmarie...I've already bought 2 pretty tops from Mango and there are a couple more I have my eye on! You certainly need to snap them up when you see them or they are gone....feel very lucky to have bagged the check version of your grey one above before it sold out! xx

  2. Do you like when women where leather jackets?
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  3. I am loving all of these tops, you can always trust mango to come up trumps. I bought a similar top from Zara last year and can't wait for some warmer weather to wear mine...although I think your styling with the leather jacket works really well and may help me to brave the cold.

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