Thursday, 5 May 2016


Keeping with my recent theme on the blog #Keepitsimple I thought I would look at The White Shirt. My quest for the perfect white shirt continues, old fitted ones that have bit the dust and I am looking for that perfect relaxed casual white shirt that doesn't swap me. 

Mary Seng from Happily Grey Blog looks perfectly relaxed in her white shirt above, with jeans, oversized watch and messy bun (one thing I miss about having long hair is the messy bun and top knot .....) Just a few other images from Pinterest to tempt you to keep things simple in a classic white shirt. 

Recently, I was in H&M and I spotted a casual white shirt that may do the relaxed look, I love. It's not too oversized, just one classic breast pocket and the back is longer than the front. It looks good both tucked in at the front or left totally out. It is a mixture of linen and cotton which I think is a great material combination for a summer and the really tempting part was the price..... £19.99, worth I try I thought?

I would also like a more classic style of shirt that I can wear more smartly, I just love a white shirt with sleeves rolled up and collars popped with an evening skirt or black pants. I have all bases covered below with my H&M bargain, classic white shirts at high, mid and lowish price points and for those of you that like a ruffle then the Harry blouse by M&S fits the bill perfectly, (plus I also adore this ruffle one from J Crew). 


P.S I normally reguarly post on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. As I am always looking to improve FM40, I think it will be better if I post on alternative days, it gives you more chance to read my posts before I rush onto the next and giving me more time to put together quality content. So my next post will be Saturday ...... (yes, the new arrangement allows the added bonus of the odd weekend post) then Monday, Wednesday and so forth. 

Also don't forget to check out my White Shirt Pinterest board here 📌



  1. Hi Annemarie, I also love the white shirt but find it hard for it to not swamp me especially with 32E boobs and being 5.4"! What size did you try with the H&M shirt as their sizing is all over the place?!

    1. Hi yes I know what you mean with H&M sizing, I can range from a 8 (never been a true 8 in my life) to a 14. Anyway I tried a 12 and that was perfect, for your size gauge I am 5.3 and 34E boobs. It has some linen in it, so it does crease, but I have to say I like that look in summer. I am still after a more smarter shirt, which I may try the J Crew ones mentioned in the post. x

  2. I love a good white shirt, men's white shirt is an absolute staple! x

  3. Hi, I enjoy reading your blog Annemarie. I bought this top today and thought of you: It needs a cami under but looks really good for the price.

    1. That is stunning Claire, great find and thanks for the tip, Zara have some great things in at the moment. Can I justify another white lace top???? Thank you for reading my blog, so pleased you like it. X


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