Thursday, 11 August 2016


My school holidays survival list  .......

Tip 1 | Get out the house .... even if it is only a for a dog walk or a bike ride.
Tip 2 | Bribery is allowed ..... I have used it to peel them away from their I-pads to get them out for a simple dog walk ....... we will walk into the village and I'll get you a pack of Match Attack cards, I promise.
Tip 3 | Relax your tidy home OCD, I personally find this one hard. I am constantly tiding the playroom up, only for the 3 year old to trash it again. Week 4, I am learning to hide the mess and just shut the door over.
Tip 4 | A cross body bag is a must and it must contain plasters and savlon (please tell me it's not only my two who walk through the only bush of nettles there is)!!!
Tip 5 | Have a supply of wine in the fridge, for when their bedtime finally arrives, you have deserved it!

Apart from that we have been enjoying the odd day out and this is what I tend to wear ...... stripes, jeans, a jacket of some sorts (yesterday it was my Hush military  jacket) and a cross body bag.

Jacket - Hush | Breton Top - Boden | Jeans - Topshop (similar here) | Shoes - Ancient Greek Sandals | Bag - Gucci | Sunglasses - Ray Ban



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