Friday, 30 September 2016


OK, this was something I didn't really want to spend my money on, but practically won over and I much needed a coat to walk the dog in (don't really want to wear my expensive Moncler and Woolwich Parka for such) and for wet school run mornings.

I searched for ages as I didn't really want just a walking outdoor coat, but something I could wear daily. I contemplated getting a Barbour, which seems a bit silly as I sold the two I did have 3 years ago on eBay. I then looked at Joules and this one really caught my eye, it must have also caught the eye of another mum from my little boys class, so with not wanting to be like one of the dolly sisters I discounted it ...... It is a lovely coat however, gorgeous colour, modern parka style with a useful big hood!

I went back to the drawing board and started to look at the brand Ilse Jacobsen, I knew the lovely Kat wears some of their coats and boots and they passed her rugby mum challenge. I decided to opt for the 3/4 raincoat in navy. I worn it all weekend and it survived a downpour at rugby on Sunday morning. The hood was big enough and it was totally waterproof ...... I was also warm with the snug fleece lining inside, I do think come the colder winter months I will get a thin down gilet to pop underneath, such as one like this.

I am totally happy with my purchase ..... here are some of the others that were in the running. 

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