Thursday, 20 October 2016


I think this holiday just gets bigger each year and I am embracing it more each year too. I only did the pumpkin thing in the past, then last year L wanted to dress up and N reluctantly did in the end (however once he put on his Gap glow in the dark skeleton Pj's he was rather impressed by them) ......

I think I will do similar outfits this year, a black tutu for L with the fantastic little lace ears and veil alice band I got her from H&M ..... for those of you who like to embrace Halloween there is a rather tasteful adult version here. For your children to be the most stylish trick or treaters, then they have to accessorise their Halloween outfits with the double-sided Trick/Treat Embroidered Mini Basket from Edit 58 ..... to collect their spooky spoils in.

Here is a round up of my favourite tasteful spooky things .....

Annmarie xx

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