Friday, 12 May 2017


R E C R E A T E 

When the weather gets slightly warmer like this week, maybe not totally summer dress weather but enough to trade the jeans for something cooler ...... then that's when I opt for the chinos. The chinos I feature above are cropped kicked flares by Frame which are great for us shorties and they are very similar to my J Crew ones I am wearing above (still available here in very limited sizes for only £23!!). When buying chinos I would say go for khaki they seem to go with everything and where do you find good chinos? Without spending too much look to J Crew and good old Gap.

Whilst I was shopping earlier in the week I spotted the above top (which is very similar to my old Jaeger one I am wearing in the #OOTD picture) and I must say I thought it was really nice. 

The pom pom sandals ...... LOVE them! A more affordable pair of sandals that would look equally nice with the above outfit can be found here

Have a lovely weekend 



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