Tuesday, 29 August 2017


Sadly summer is nearly over .......but my mind is excited for the new season of autumn approaching. I feel I am on the same page as Amanda from The Online Stylist and these last few days of the school summer holidays has been the perfect time to anticipate the season of coziness and cashmere ..... autumn and thus my autumn wardrobe!

I have been thinking what needs replacing and working out my budget for my #wishlist. 

What is on that wish list you may ask ..... well I thought it would be a great to include it in a favourite series of yours on FM40  - The Capsule Wardrobe. So let's commence the ..... 

T H E  C A P S U L E  W A R D R O B E - A U T U M N/W I N T E R 

First on my list is new leather trainers. I was a sceptical to the whole trainer thing in winter and last year I dipped my toe into the water with a pair of Stan Smiths, at the time I loved my whole box fresh look of my Stan Smiths and was surprised how much I did love them and wore them endlessly throughout the A/W season, with denim and black tailored cigarette trousers.   

T H E  W H I T E  L E A T H E R  T R A I N E R 

Trainers are relatively a new addition to the French girl repertoire and a slick pair of white trainers are fast becoming a Parisian capsule wardrobe staple. But forget the box fresh Stan Smiths the French girls prefer the more rough-and-ready look of dishevelled Golden Goose

I am the converted and a pair of these are on top of my wish list ..... 


Yes, they are slightly pricey and I have been thinking do I really want to splash out on a pair of trainers that drains a lot of my budget?? Thinking about cost per wear last A/W, I think I may be wise too. If these aren't in your budget then a simple pair of white leather Superga would also fit the bill.


There is always a new trainer on the block and this has to be Veja ..... They are affordable, ethical and Lucy Williams is a fan so need I say anymore!


I also really like these too ..... if you have the budget and already lucky enough to be a Golden Goose owner.

White leather trainers if you don't own a pair .... invest!



  1. I live in Golden Goose sneakers. They truly are the most comfortable shoes I own, which makes them worth every penny. I'm also lucky enough to have a pair of Saint Laurent Court Classics and whilst they are stunning they are nowhere near as comfortable as Golden Goose.

    1. Oh great to hear .... after two weeks of research I think its Golden Goose for me and I may of clicked the buy button last night on Matchesfashion. I do love the look of the Saint Laurent Court Classics, but I am looking for something more I could wear daily and comfort is high! I take it you are a trainer girl??? Thanks for reading xxx

  2. Hi, yes definitely a trainer girl at heart. I'm so glad you went for the Golden Goose, you definitely won't regret it, the comfort and versatility of these are second to none. Hope you love them as much as I do. Looking forward to the remainder of your capsule wardrobe series for A/W - we share a lot of similar loves!! Jen x

    1. Thank you, they arrive tomorrow! The next up should be knitwear xx


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